Yesterday afternoon I huddled around my laptop with two of the women in my Formation Small Group to watch a scary movie, since Halloween is right around the corner. We’d had dreary weather all day, and the dim light, rain pelting my window and whistling wind added an extra little scare factor to our experience.

Then last night I woke to the sound of my phone vibrating violently–not the sound of a text message. Twice in the night it went off, informing me of a flash flood warning. I looked outside my window to see buckets of rain drowning our once parched lawn. The wooden fence that divides it from the front swung open and closed sporadically and the trees bent and clunked against my window. The scare factor became a little more real.


I’m notorious for neglecting the news, but Hurricane Patricia made its way into my line of sight. This video made me realize the gravity of the situation.

As some of you remember, in May we had severe flooding in San Marcos and the surrounding areas. I left Texas just in time to escape the worst of it, but the amount of deaths, damage and devastation was all too real. As Patricia makes its way up from Mexico into Texas, we’re going to need your prayers.


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