Contrary to popular belief, Armadillos do–in fact–make a sound, as I learned on our Women’s Retreat last weekend. Each semester we at SPO Texas offer a retreat of some sort specifically for the ladies. (The men also have their own separate men’s retreat.) This fall, eleven students plus us two women’s Missionaries went camping at Gudalupe River State Park to contemplate the Lord’s love for us in the quiet of the wilderness.


Cate and I, the Mission Leaders, each gave a talk surrounding this topic of receiving the Lord’s love. Mine was a revisit of the truth of who God is, how He is actually love itself and how that affects who we are to Him. (Read the full typed version of my talk here!) Cate’s, which followed mine, then discussed how we can choose to respond to that reality.

IMG_5146Writing the talk was a great experience for me, because it’s impossible to regurgitate such amazing truths about the Lord without being blown away by His majesty! The camping trip was also very relaxing, even though we were hosting it. We planned for it to be more laid back than your average retreat, leaving time for flexible discussion, personal process and prayer time. This came at an ideal time of the year, since October tends to be one of the busiest months for us, both students and staff.

From what I heard as I walked around the campsites taking pictures during one of our discussion sessions, the Lord spoke powerfully to each individual about His undying, unconditional love for them. As Cate reminded everyone at the start of the retreat, this is where the real change happens: in the moments when one encounters the Lord Himself. We can plant the seeds, but only God provides the growth.

My favorite part of the trip, I have to admit, was the armadillos. Silly as it sounds, God loved me through these stupid creatures, which I’ve wanted to see in person for a long time now but until then had only seen dead on the side of the road, which is depressing to say the least.


And don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging. Here is the answer to the question that has surely been burdening your heart above all else! Here is the sound of an armadillo.


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