We exist in the world, but not of it. So when Halloween comes around with its Mean Girls-style parties, pagan rituals and obsession with gore, we at Our Lady of Wisdom do our best to give our students a fun alternative to celebrate.


This year, SPO and FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) collaborated to host a whole weekend of Halloween festivities: Hocus SPOCUS Halloweekend. With FOCUS Missionary Sarah Renard as my wing-woman, I planned and coordinated the events: caramel apple making, an outdoor scary movie, pumpkin carving, a haunted Household, the annual Hocus SPOCUS costume party and pumpkin smashing. My love for everything fall-related couldn’t resist taking on this huge project, and it taught me so much about the importance of careful administration, delegation and communication.

Our goal with the events was to bring about more unity among the various organizations at Our Lady of Wisdom and to keep our students away from potentially harmful environments. We had student leaders from SPO, FOCUS, the Catholic fraternity and sorority all involved or participating in some way, which was great to see. Though the crazy weather lowered the number of people who attended, each event was a hit for those who came. Our next step is to perfect our planning methods so they can be repeatable by whoever takes on the task next year.

Coming up next: Our Lady of Wisdom’s Centennial Gala, Lord’s Day, Women’s Household Interest Dinner, Femininitea & more!


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