This past week I had the incredible privilege of welcoming my dearest big brother, Joe, into the great state of Texas. For eight wonderful days, he got to experience little bits of my life as a missionary: our rich communal life, Household, Formation, Lord’s Day, morning and night prayer.

He also got to travel the Hill Country of Texas, see the Alamo and eat all the best Tex-Mex foods! I haven’t had that much BBQ in a long time.


For me, this was the long awaited break that I needed. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it gets a little lonely knowing that–while most everyone else can drive home–I’m stranded without my family until Christmas. It felt so right for Joe to be here, and it was a good retreat for him as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with joy, peace, family and unity. You’re in my prayers, please keep me in yours too as this semester comes quickly to a close.


One thought on “JOE GOES REDNECK

  1. Granny

    What a great time you both had. Happy Thanksgiving to you. Ray and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving in Cape Town, South Africa. Will be on a cruise from Cape Town, winding up in Brazil. Return home on Dec. 16th.


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