My Household: me, Veronica, Alyssa, Tara, Nayeli, Taylor and Mary Kate.

What a whirlwind this month has been! The semester is well underway and so much has happened since our Two Kingdoms retreat in January. Here’s a quick overview of February’s highlights.


Last semester we started having praise and worship nights at Our Lady of Wisdom every other Thursday. This has been a great way to introduce people to expressive prayer and present a regular opportunity for the entire community at the parish to worship God together. WPW has no agenda except to give God the glory He is due!



This was our second time hosting “Femininitea,” an open discussion of femininity over high tea. Sponsored by Pure Silk–proud supporter of SPO–this women’s event was a blast of class. Roughly 25-30 women showed up dressed their best to debate how we can model the Marian Virtues of Ardent Charity, Profound Humility, Surpassing Purity, Angelic Sweetness and more. In a culture where there is little consensus on the topic of gender identity, it’s crucial for us to converse about what it truly means to be a woman of God.



College students love a good party, and what better reason to party than the Super Bowl? Rather than run away from our culture’s distorted idea of a good time, we as Christians seek to purify it. So naturally, Our Lady of Wisdom hosted a bomb Super Bowl party at the SPO men’s Household. The greatest success of it is that it unified all the different groups at the parish. There was a huge turnout. Many people who normally would stick to their clique came and bonded over football, bridging the gap between the different organizations.



Ash Wednesday is a big deal at Texas State. It’s the day when every hibernating Christian returns to the Church out of the blue, desperate to present an outward sign of belonging. Nationally, Ash Wednesday is the most attended Mass of the whole year, even more than Easter and Christmas. It’s also open to Catholics and non-Catholics alike, which increases the number of attendants. As a Mission Leader, that means it’s our busiest day of the year, as it presents a tiny window of opportunity to reach those Catholics who are hanging on by a thread to what’s left of their faith.

In addition, my birthday happened to land on Ash Wednesday this year, which was a profound experience for me. How fitting that on the day I was born from dust I am reminded that to dust I shall return! I was grateful to be able to spend my birthday in service to the students of Texas State University.

For Lent this year, my Household decided to pray in a special way for joy and gratitude, that we might not spend the season downcast but that we would be perpetually a people marked by the joy of Christ. I’ve already felt the graces it’s produced; it’s amazing! Pray we keep it up. Personally, my themes this year are freedom from slavery to comfort and increased self discipline. I’m seeking these in various ways, but the Lord sent me a curve ball that hinders me from doing what I had planned… but you’ll hear about that in my next blog post!


When you Google search “single ladies party ideas” for Valentine’s Day, the activities that come up include burning pictures of your ex boyfriends, binge watching chick flicks, talking trash about men and loathing every happy couple that has what you don’t. This disgusts me. So for Valentine’s Day this year I decided to host a small party for single ladies that challenged this culture. Instead of putting others down, we built one another up–not by saying things like “you’re too good for him anyway!” but by honoring one another for the true and good qualities we see in each other. I don’t think when people showed up they expected to spend their time crying and hugging it out but that’s what happened! There was so much healing and joy in the room, and I’d go so far as to say it was my best Valentine’s Day yet.



For our first official women’s night of the semester, I planned a clothing swap called Eden’s Closet–a spin off the used clothing store “Plato’s Closet” and my Household’s name, “Eden.” Everyone came with the clothes and accessories they didn’t want anymore and swapped them out for things they liked. At the end of the night, we were left with seven huge trash bags of clothes which we donated to a thrift store that raises money for a local homeless shelter.




Bobcat Awakening is one of Our Lady of Wisdom’s core retreats that invites new students to choose their faith as their own and connects them to the parish community. Many of our SPO students and TXST grads on staff were a product of Bobcat Awakening, and wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t experienced it. Please keep them in your prayers this coming weekend!

02.29.16: A TWIST IN TIME

As a way to celebrate Leap Day and to give Bobcat Awakening retreatants something to go to post-retreat, one of our students is heading up a Mad Hatter themed party at the Men’s Household. What a great way to wrap up the month of February!


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